Monday, November 28, 2011

Tis the Season

I know I posted like this exact same post a year ago, but I can't help it.  I'm just so happy.   I bought three new Christmas albums (Glee, Eclipse, and Buble).  I put those on, as well as Christmas Aroma, as I decorated the house for Christmas.  This is so what I needed today.   I love Christmas so sO SO MUCH!!  I love it so much I could marry it! :)

My roommate was laughing as I kept pulling out more coordinating ornaments for my blue and silver tree, especially the blue striped candy canes. What can I say, Christmas is my thang. :)  A special shout out to Jordan, who last year got me out of my Christmas funk and helped me get this tree.  Thanks, Jordan!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well On Our Way

October in Room 25

I asked my librarians to "organize the library."  I was thinking put all the Animorphs together, put the picture books on the same shelf, etc.   A few days later I'm looking at the chapter books and I noticed that they had indeed organized the library.  Can you see how?  (Hint:  I call it chromatic organization).

My mom sent me this great idea for a Halloween gift, fangs from Target with the saying "Have a 'fang-tastic' Halloween! - Mr. Allsop."  The kids loved them.  In fact, lots of kids were wearing fangs today, two days later, now that I think about it.  

Things have been going well.  The substitute I had a few weeks ago said my class of fourth graders was the best behaved class she had subbed for in the last ten years. She told me to give them all 1,000 college points (College points are table points they earn for great answers or being on task).  I read her note to the kids, then told them "If the substitute says so, I have to do it," and added 1,000 college points to each table.  The kids went ballistic.  We proceeded to eat lunch in the classroom that day as a reward for their awesomeness.

The workload of a teacher is incredible in its scope and breadth, especially this year with new standards adopted by many states.  Based on pure workload and stress level, I would take any week from my mission or college, transfers and finals week included, over any week so far this school year.  We are asked to do so much, and then teachers who are really trying to do what's best for kids have to go above and beyond.  Still, I wouldn't trade it--I can't think of a more rewarding work.