Tuesday, April 22, 2014

January Books

If you work, anywhere, you need to read this book.  Tony Schwartz lays out how our current way of working (long hours, lots of meetings, endless deadlines, etc) is not working--for us, or even for the bottom line.   He shares research and strategies on how to manage our happiness and work life balance by addressing four areas: sustainability/physical, security/emotional, self-expression/mental, significance/spiritual. Each chapter is chocked full of actionable ideas, and common sense solutions to workplace ills.  Because of this book, I know make sure all meetings I plan are 90 minutes or less, I take walks outside to find renewal in the middle of the workday, and I see myself as the Chief Energy Officer.

This was a great book to start the year with--it's kind of New Year's Resolutions on steroids.   I appreciated learning about the happiness research embedded in the story of Gretchen living our her Happiness Project. The book actually inspired me to adopt monthly resolutions.   My favorite so far?  Go to sleep with a clean house.  Game changer.